Is the data cable connected to the mobile phone or the plug first

Is the data cable connected to the mobile phone or the plug first?

Maybe when you usually charge your mobile phone, you don't care which one is connected first, generally you think of which one you pick first, and you don't find anything unusual. On this issue, we must first understand the concept of "surge". Surge is plainly the situation where the voltage instantly exceeds the normal voltage. And when we plug the plug of the data cable into the socket, this kind of surge phenomenon will occur, so if we connect the mobile phone first, the plug will be followed by a surge.


And this surge has certain harm to the mobile phone. It may be difficult for us to find the effect of this harm in a short time. This is because there are two kinds of harm to the surge. The damage to the mobile phone is cumulative, and this directly The manifestation of sex is that it may shorten the life of the phone. Therefore, the correct method of access is to connect the plug before plugging in the mobile phone, but there are also many anti-surge plugs on the market that can effectively prevent the surge from causing harm to the mobile phone.

In short, regardless of whether your mobile phone charger has anti-surge function, it is not wrong to connect the plug first and then the mobile phone. This is a habit in our normal mobile phone use. In addition, after the mobile phone is completely charged, it is best to unplug the mobile phone first and then unplug it, which can reduce the harm caused to the mobile phone by charging!

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