Type c to HDMI Adapter

Type c to HDMI Adapter

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Detail of this Type c to HDMI Adapter

1. The HDMI:

4K*2K 30HZ(3840*2160), compatible with 1080P, 1080I and 720P downward.

HDMI will be 1080P @60HZ, and HDMI and VGA will work in sync.

2. The VGA:

1080P @60HZ, backwards compatible 1080P, 1080I, 720P.

3. Maximum network speed :1000Mps.

4. See * 3:

Transmission speed: 5Gbps, downward compatible with usb2.0/1.x;The power supply is up to 4.5w.

5. SD/TF card reader:

SD and TF can work together.Read and write speed depends on the quality of the card.

6. 3.5mm Analong audio output

7. Usb-c female charging port:

20V @3A, supports maximum 87W power adapter.

USB - C male: 8.

Compatible with thunderbolt 3

Ensure that the host usb-c port on the device complies with the USB3.0 / USB3.1 specification.

Support for SST

Comply with usb-c interface specification

Built-in conversion chip, plug and play. 

Parameters of this Type c to HDMI Adapter
Name Type c to HDMI adapter
Gender Type c to HDMI
Application Computer tablet and laptop
Material Copper
Connector Color white
Length 30cm
Connector Type Type C
Shield Aluminum Foil
Outer Diameter 6.0mm
Feature 4K data transmission
Product Keywords usb3.1 c to hdmi 4k,usb-c to vga,usb-c to hdmi usb-c usb
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